Mattress Cleaning Service

Many people know that they need to regularly clean their carpets. But how often have you thought about cleaning your mattress?

It is a fact that most mattresses contain bacteria, fungi and dust mites in quantities that can have potentially dangerous levels. These allergens can cause symptoms associated with asthma, itchy eyes, runny or stuffy nose, wheezing or sneezing, itching and skin conditions.

“For people with allergies, a clean mattress is even more important.”

JDS can safely clean your mattress with our distinctive mattress cleaning system. JDS mattress cleaning system uses a high grade anti-bacterial product especially designed to kill germs combined with hot water extraction to penetrate deep into the mattress bedding material, lifting dirt and grime to clean and neutralise your mattress.

Our system is environmentally friendly; we use safe, non-toxic, biodegradable solutions in our mattress cleaning system, protecting your health while dealing with the bacteria and dust mites living in your mattress. All our solutions are safe and healthy for all family members.

JDS Quality 4 Step Process

Step 1 – Vacuuming

Mattress-Vacuum-Step-1Thoroughly vacuum, with a HEPA micro filtration system ensuring that all small particles like dirt, dust, hair, germs and dust mites are removed.

Step 2 – Stain┬áTreatment

Mattress-Stain-Removal-Step2Complete a detailed pre stain treatment to release dirt, urine and blood stains. Apply a high grade anti-bacterial product especially designed to kill bacteria and germs.

Step 3 – Extraction

Mattress-Cleaning-step-3THThe mattress bedding material is injected with a hot water jet spray to penetrate the surface material. This mattress steam cleaning process rinses clean and neutralizes the mattress. The high degree of heat ensures all the little nasties will definitely be a thing of the past.

Step 4 – Healthy Mattress

Healthy-Mattress-step4THApply an anti-allergen and sanitiser leaving the mattress clean, healthy and safe to sleep on.

It is recommended that mattress cleaning be done every 6 months to maintain a healthy sleeping environment.